One Bodaceous  '36 Ford

One Bodaceous '36 Ford

This 1936 Ford Slantback went from a rough project to a real gem at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. Our Customer came to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff with a vision and a trailer full of rusty 1936 Ford Tudor sheetmetal and a load of parts. "Let's turn this stuff into a showstopper" seemed to be the theme here.


Rust was prevalent in the '36 Ford's body. Fixing the cancer was the first order of business. A chop of the long-roofed sedan was the next order of business. This kind of undertaking isn't for the faint of heart, but the artisans at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff weren't intimidated. Two inches out of the B and C pillars and one and one half out of the A pillar gave them just the right profile. It was a tedious task, but we think that you'll agree that it was worth it. It gives this already handsome car a whole new attitude. Speaking of attitude, Our Customer wanted some big meats on this car to match up with the horsepower that he had in mind. That meant widening the rear wheel tubs. This isn't a "Pro-Streeter" by any stretch of the imagination, but room had to be made for the big Michelins out back. A filled roof added a degree of "smooth" to the top as well. Another custom touch that was metalsmithed into this vintage body is a sunken rear license plate. In the engine compartment, a smoothed and recessed firewall make room for the horses. While again out back, a pair of not-seen-so-often Lincoln Zephr taillights grace the peaked rear fenders.


The horses consist of an electronically fuel injected (with velocity stacks) Ford Windsor engine built by Glenn Hutchison. This pony is all decked out, and includes power steering and air conditioning pumps to add to the creature comforts inside. Don't let the fancy stuff fool you though. This brute wails out over 600 horsepower!! The engine spins a Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed "row-your-own" transmission, which in turn, heads rearward to a beefy Ford nine-nch rear axle. All the mechanicals are supported by a TCI chassis.


Power rack and pinion steering, four-wheel power disc brakes, air conditioning, Classic Instruments custom gauges, power windows and door locks, Lizard Skin acoustic and thermal treatments, and a custom interior (yet to be installed) round out the creature comforts. Oh yeh, just in case those horses get too far out of the corral, there's a built in roll cage inside the cab. The interior will be a full custom black leather masterpiece worthy of the rest of the car.


The 345 - 30x20 rear Michelin Pilot Sports on the rear and 205-45x17's in front will roll on custom built Dayton wire wheels. These wheels are distinctive in and of themselves, but will look absoluteley stunning on this Tudor.


The paint department at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff pulled out all of the stops to put an exquisite coat of paint on this gem. We're known for our stunning paint jobs, but this one stands a cut above even our paint jobs. The paint is a fantastic House of Kolor Black Diamond with Brandywine Kandy metalflake. Not metalLIC, but real, by gosh, metalFLAKE !! You've got to see this finish. It'll knock your eyes out!!


We think that you'll agree after looking at the pictures in the Gallery that we've done the near impossible with this project. This thoroughbred will be in the Winner's Circle at more than a few outings. Watch for this '36 at major events and take a look up close and personal when you can.