1989 Ford Bronco

1989 Ford Bronco

Owner: Matthew Grob


"Star Struck"


We may be all about "hot rods", but we let the customer define that term for themselves. When Matt Grob drove his well-worn '89 Bronco II into the shop and asked us to restore it, we said, "Sure!" In this case we did a complete frame-off restoration. Except for the custom paint-job, the custom roll-bar, and the addition of up-to-date safety harnesses, the restoration was to stock condition. In addition to the restoration, we installed a brush guard up front, tubular running boards/steps, and bigger wheels and tires. Of all the custom paint schemes we have done, this is probably the most unusual. The Ford Bronco II has a goo reputation as a rugged and reliable vehicle, both on and off road, so it is not really suprising to see one restored. 2.9 liter V-6 engine. 5-speed manual transmission. 4x4-wheel drive. The motor, transmission, transfer-case and rear-end were completely rebuilt. The interior was restored to completely stock condition, right down to the upholstery color and pattern. To increase safety, a roll-bar and three-point harnesses were installed. The roll-bar can be removed.

The story by Matt Grob:

"The idea was to keep the project a secret from everyone – friends, family, etc. And sure enough that made the whole thing a lot more fun. After I finally bought a new car in April 2004, everyone was really amazed the “The Bronco was gone”. Even many months later people still made jokes about the Bronco, but little did they know it was being fully restored and upgraded at HR&CS….

The crew at HR&CS did an excellent job throughout and made the whole process a lot of fun too. In particular Randy, Sean, Mike and Rich always made me feel welcome during each visit – and there was always good progress each time as well. During the process a very nice custom rollbar was added and now there are shoulder harnesses in the back seats. Various other upgrades were also made, including power mirrors, electronics, and suspension upgrades in addition to a complete interior restoration and drive train replacement.

One item of interest was the paint job, sinceI would no longer be using the Bronco for commuting, but mostly for camping trips to the desert with the kids. For years I had always taken the Bronco out to the desert when conditions were good for watching meteors, comets, or other astronomical events. It was with that use in mind that I gave the following instructions:

*Make the paint color reminiscent of the original color (blue) 



*Make the paint scheme reflect the usage of the vehicle: watching starry nights, comets, meteors, etc.

*Make it totally unique – no other paint job like it must exist


I think all of these goals were achieved.

Eventually the months of restoration passed the project was finished. So the day came when I drove it to work and called my coworkers to come see it. There was a lot of surprise and laughter that day. Now I drive it to work on some Fridays, and look forward to taking the Bronco and the kids on camping trips for a long time come."