1966 Dodge Polara wagon

1966 Dodge Polara wagon

The luxury land yacht, can be known as the 1966 Dodge Polara station wagon!! The Polara was introduced in the United States in 1960 as Dodge’s top of the line full size car but they really took it to a fuller size with the wagon.  Through the years the Polara had taken on quite a few different styling’s such as Sedans, hardtops, and where their full size convertible being one of the more popular models. However this wagon is one of the more interesting, with its 5 door wagon body type, rear wheel drive, and it was known to go 0 to 60 in 8.4s which was pretty impressive in its time for such a big vehicle. Also what family wouldn’t want such a wagon that had third row seating!! It also folds down for that house wife or the occasional house husband to get their daily groceries in the way way back with no problems.

Our plans for this won’t be anything short of spectacular!! The body will be going on an Art Morrison chassis which is one of the best to have ultimately under a build. Also it will be getting a Gen3 Hemi which will make this for one power house. This is some modern technology that will be under the hood which is known for its finite element design. There are also so many other touches we will be implementing that will tie this build all together ones that you will want to see it in person. By far this will be one family wagon anyone will be proud to own!!!


So keep checking back in, the work is progressing rather quickly for now and as always pictures are posted throughout the rebuilding process.


Written by jena @HRCS