1949 Chevrolet Business Coupe

1949 Chevrolet Business Coupe

Owner: Chris Williams

2001 Detroit Autorama Riddler Award


2001 Detroit Autorama Yosemite Sam Radoff Sculptural Excellence Award

Winner of the Riddler & Yosemite Sam Radoff Sculptural Excellence awards at the 2001 Detroit Autorama. The only original metal left on the M-80 is the skin, and, as you can see, that has been extensively modified. The frame on which it sits was custom-built from steel tubing to accommodate the planned modifications. In addition to being chopped, channeled and slammed to the ground, the front fenders, hood, trunk lid and roof have been sectioned to change the car's profile.

The headlights came from the local Mercedes-Benz dealer and were set into modified headlight openings. The front bumper is gone as well. The bottom piece of the original grill was discarded and replaced with a look-alike piece machined from a solid piece of aluminum which now serves as the bumper. The tail-lights were entirely hand-made and custom fit to match the lines of the rear fenders. The rear license plate frame is the original the once graced the front of the car.

The M-80 is powered by a polished Street & Perfromance LS-1 motor. Other features of the M-80 include: polished Kugel front and rear independent suspensions and rear-end; a Corvette 6-speed manual transmission; a Dakota Digital remote entry and starting system; Specialty Power Windows; a Vintage Air AC system; a Ron Davis aluminum radiator; an ididt steering column; Halibrand Oval Track wheels; a custom paint job with PPG paint from Meza Body Shop Supplies; and a custom Ron Mangus leather interior.

The interior of the M-80 is a perfect blend of sheet-metal and leather - elegant and spartan at the same time. The upholstery was the work of Ron Mangus of Custom Auto Interiors. He really out did himself on this project. One of the neat things about the M-80 is the hood-flip. The engineering that went into getting it right and getting it to look good was really something. The Polished LS-1 is covered by an engine cowl that feeds filtered air directly into the throttle-body. This artist rendition was created for us by Rohan Day and depicts a classic 1949 Chevy Coupe as it would have looked if designed by a hot rodder, for a hot rodder.