1939 Rumblin Rag

1939 Rumblin Rag


Owner: Dan Pegg




Now we are rumbling!

The Peggs (Patricia, Dan and son Daniel), have had hot rods on their minds for a long time. They have read the magazines, been to the shows, and thought wistfully of going on rod runs - cruisin' down the highway with the wind in their hair. They knew their dream car had to be a convertible - a ragtop. They knew it had to be big enough for comfort on long trips, but not so big that it would lose that hot rod feel. It had to have all the right toys installed. It had to be a custom. And it had to have power - lots of power.

Eventually, they settled on a '39 Ford Deluxe convertible. It was just the right size, had the right look, and, with some modification, could be transformed into their vision of the perfect Hot Rod. This was, of course, a complete frame off project. Most everything except that body itself will be replaced, and what isn't replaced will be modified in one way or another. 2003 3rd Goodguys/K&N Filters Eagle One Del Mar Nationals PPG Pick: Dan Pegg's '39 Ford Convertible

Here is some of what the Rumblin' Rag sports: 502 cubic-inch Street & Performance big block motor, A custom-built Jet Performance transmission, A polished Kugel, IRS rear-end, A TCI frame with IFS, Four wheel disc brakes, Bilstein Shocks, Vintage Air AC system, Power windows and seats, Sound and navigation systems, And much, much more