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The Henderson Roadster


   We are lucky enough to have a piece of hot rodding history right here in our shop.  The Henderson roadster has a rich pedigree of racing. It has been through many iterations and its history is shaped in one way or another by many legendary and influential hot rodders such as Vic Edelbrock, Don Blair, The Ansen racing team, Manny Ayulo, Jack McGrath, Ralph Guldahl, Art Chrisman and Ak Miller. 

  The roadster participated in early dry lakes racing, drag racing and roundy round racing. Fame and lore grew around the roadster in 1944 when it went up against a quarter horse and won a race arranged by the legendary Ak Miller.  When it was featured in the movie Hot Rod Gang its fame was cemented on film. This icon was brought back to its glory by father son team Mike and Chuck Longley. It was named one of the top 75 most influential 32 fords of all time at the Grand National Roadster Show.

  With the continuing rise in popularity of traditional hot rods this car becomes a relevant part of the history and evolution of hot rods. Needless to say this is more than just another 32 roadster. The Henderson roadster is part of the foundation that spawned generations of hot rods to come.  As such a special car we are honored to be entrusted with helping preserve and maintain the roadster and we give a hot rodders pledge to keep this hot rod in all its glory.