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Stroker’s Coupe in Rodder’s Journal


As y’all may recall, Tom Medley’s recently-reincarnated ’40 Ford coupe was photographed for Rodder’s Journal back toward the tail-end o’ December. Well it didn’t take long. Rodder’s Journal ‘Number Fifty Eight’ is available now!


We’re all pretty tickled with the heartwarming saga. Written by Pat Ganahl, with photography by Steve Coonan, Stroker’s story is everything we’d expect from Rodder’s Journal. Here’s a crappy, low-resolution peek at six o' the feature's fourteen beautiful pages.


Q: Why would we tease y’all this way?

A: ‘Cause it’s hot-off-the-press and on sale now in the usual places! In fact, if ya happen to be in the neighborhood, we’ve got ‘em here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, too.