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Stroker's (Tom Medley's) 1940 Rebuild Project (continued)

 Tommy "The Itch" Otis came down to add some pinstriping to the coupe, so he brought Stroker with him. Nice touch on the glovebox door. Stroker approves!

 Each of the hood louvers got finessed.


Itchy finished off the formerly scorched LA Gophers club plaque.

 Itchy, Stroker and Randy posing for the camera.

 Another Itchy touch.

 Stroker helps Randy with the placement of the outside rear view mirrors.

 Bitchin' !!!!


 At Pleasanton, Tom's ready to take his fresh coupe for a spin.


With Tom behind the wheel and Randy along for the ride, the coupe is ready to strut its' stuff.



Here is one happy guy!!


By the look of Tom's body language we'd say, "mission accomplished" !!!


 Tom is still a photographer at heart.

 In the shadow of the Alameda County Fairgrounds Young California building we have two young (at heart) Californians, one seventy-two year young Ford coupe and one ninety-two year young coupe owner.

 Another old buddy showed up in the form of Bill Burnham's " Ol' Blue" Model A on Deuce rails highboy roadster. Tom and Bill (RIP) have seen plenty of road time and both have contributed immensely to the hobby/sport/industry of street rodding. The roadster was proudly driven by Bill's grandson, now a young man, who rode in the car as a baby and is carrying on the family tradition.

 Took the words right out of our mouths.

 We'll probably see a lot of this action in the future.

 "Too Tall" Pat Ganahl stopped by to say "HI" and Tom regaled him with plenty of stories.

 This was Tom's duty station for several days at Pleasanton, and lot's of folks stopped by to meet Tom either for the first time or to renew old friendships.

 Stu Padasso, an old friend of Tom's from both street rodding and karting circles, stopped by to share his "score" from the swap meet. This issue of Hot Rod Mgazine was the only one to have a Stroker McGurk cover in color. Tom was happy to sign it and another treasure was created.

 Tom also had plenty to tell young Conner, who, we feel, will be a street rodder for life. Conner was pleased to meet Tom and went away with a deeper understanding of the roots of our hobby.

 Another old friend and fellow road warrior, Gary Meadors (Mr. Goodguy, himself) stopped by to visit with Tom. We'd like to thank Gary and the entire Goodguys staff for their gracious hospitality at the West Coast Nationals and the opportunity to present Tom's car to him in such a tremendous venue. We are very grateful!!

 The photographer/journalist/humorist/publisher/editor/sales guy/ and all around kick-in-the-pants great guy is always a step ahead.

 Jack Chisenhall, grand daddy of Vintage Air, was one of the driving forces behnd this resurrection effort, and nothing could keep him from being here to share the weekend with Tom. Thanks for everything you do, Jack. You are a real hero to us.

 Randy, Jack, and Tom share a thought.

 Randy, Jack and Tom continue that thinking process while they wait to take center stage.

 The co-star of the show, Tom's resurrected coupe, gets its moment in the limelight.

 It looks good in front of a crowd.

 The star-studded cast on stage - Tom, his coupe, and magician Randy Clark.

This is what it was all about - making a gentleman that gave so much of himself to our hobby, sport, and industry something back. Tom deserves every bit of happiness he derives from this life, and having his car back is a big part of that. We, at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff were proud to help.

 John Drummond, eloquent spkesman of Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, took the mic and related some of the history of Tom, Stroker McGurk, and the tragedy of the fire that attempted to steal Tom's coupe from him. A concerted effort of donors, suppliers, craftsmen and fans all came together to meet this huge challenge successfully.

 Turning the keys over to Tom was the culmination of about nine months of hard work, and it was worth every bit of it because it represented a labor of love, respect and gratitude to a great guy.

 Tom had a surpise of his own up his sleeve. He awarded the vintage copper Stroker McGurk award to Randy Clark in appreciation for all of the sleepless nights and concerns that "It's got to be right!" for Tom's car. Representatives from just a few of the Suppliers who contributed parts or services to this effort look on from the background. We wish we had a thousand of these awards to pass out to them and all of the other folks who gave their "stuff" or dollars to help make this project a success.

 Randy chauffers Tom and the coupe off stage and ready for the trek home.

 Off into the sunset, and on to the next happy adventure. Godspeed Tom, and Stroker, too!!!