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Sam and Lindsey's 1932 Roadster and winner of Cruising Grand!!

We here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff couldn't be more thrilled for this past Cruising Grand winners Lindsey and Sam, who own this stellar of a 1932 Roadster! Where we've came to know these two is by doing some maintance occasionally, but we like to call Sam and Lindsey friends. When you meet them it's like you've known them forever. Even if you just met Sam and Lindsey for the very first time!!! They are absolutely a wonderful pair to know!! Some of us really had the chance to get to know them on the Northwest Duece days in Canada, where Sam and Lindsay and their roadster really stood out, considering it was a sold out show and one could easily get lost in the crowd.

Their 32 Roadster which you'll get a glimpse here, has been done right and the details are fabulous, from it's inside with fine details that Sid Chaver's Interior did, to the outside paint and pin stripping they had done. Everything is pristine on this 32 roadster!!

Congrats again Lindsey and Sam on your win and we're sure to see you around!!







Sam and Lindsay with their 1932 Roadsterinside dash 32 Roadsterback window to the 32 Roadster32 roadster rearSam and LindsayCruising Grand winning 1932 Roadster