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Rain? What Rain?

Goodguys 14th Del Mar Nationals



By Yours Truly

Photos by Brownie Bauman 'n' Digital Dave



Despite the forecast for April showers, Goodguys 14th annual Del Mar Nationals began with a BANG at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, as a few friends stopped by for lunch on Thursday. In yours truly’s absence, HR&CS’ in-house computer guy, Digital Dave covered and managed to fire-off roughly 75-thousand random shots. Here’s 19 more of ‘em.





















The very next day—that’d be Friday—the opening day o’ the show, photo’ opportunities are easy before the clamorin’ crowds roll in. 


Here HR&CS customer-friend David French’s freshly-finished Chevrolet Concept ‘Camino was actually accessible for the ol’ Box Brownie.


Salomon Btesh’s HR&CS-built ’59 Chevrolet made its Del Mar debut in the indoor show as well.


Todd ‘n’ James Nelson’s ’56 Chevrolet is a father ‘n’ son project, not built by HR&CS.


However, the Nelson duo did recruit the talents of the HR&CS interior trim department where the one ‘n’ only—our very only, Rex the trim guy whipped-out some trad’ tuck ‘n’ roll to complete this black ‘n’ white picture.


Outside in the midway, it’s a little more like Oz.


Peaches Clark’s fresh Deuce Fordor captured a “Sexy Sedan” victory in Sunday’s awards ceremony.


Randy Clark’s Ridetech Riviera had its ups ‘n’ downs.


Charles “Buzz” DuPont’s ’40 DuPontiac woody is also a recently-completed HR&CS project, which fetched the “Boyd Codington Memorial Award” at its Del Mar debut.  


‘Round the corner, HR&CS wares were ready for sale come Saturday ‘n’ Sunday.


All set up, enjoyin’ the calm before the storm; Randy, Richard ‘n’ Mrs. Rotten kibitz ‘bout somethin’ or other.





We wouldn’t get these shots on a Saturday. For those who want to see the exhibitors’ wares, Sunday is okay, but Friday can’t be beat. 


Joining in late Friday afternoon is an HR&CS project that deserves an article or two of its own. Truth be told, Thomas Langer's tasty Deuce roadster is not an HR&CS complete build. It came in for some minor alterations before moving to…




In Germany, like California in the early ‘50s, fenders are the law.


HR&CS fabricator, Jeremy did a bitchin’ job o’ bobbin’, and if he would ‘ave called yours truly, y'all’d see the step-by-step in print.


Apparently I missed a Blinkie tech story too.


Just released from HR&CS, Bob Matranga’s AD (Advanced Design) Chevrolet pickup was lurkin’ the ‘grounds…


…and turnin’ its fair share o’ heads.


Jerry Wassenarr’s ’65 F-100 has been seen here in Latest Stuff before. Now I don’t want to jinx it, but just ‘tween us, you’re likely to see it up-closer in print in the fairly near future.


Off in the distance, there was indeed a swap meet.


Old Car Stuff’s “TV” James brought out select offerings from Old Car Stuff’s vast inventory o’ treasures.


Watch closely as our hidden camera crew captures a not-so-typical swap meet—er; slap meet transaction. That’s James on the right.


Come on, y’all—prices are negotiable!


Anyway, on the swap-spaces, Randy’s hard-workin’ shop truck is deservingly resplendent in the latest ‘n’ greatest from PPG.


Anyway, anyway, with spaces in the swap meet, spaces in the midway, cars in the show and so on, this event is a whole bunch o' work. At the same time it's also a great way to catch up with friends. On that there note, we'll see y'all again next year!