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Phantom RS4

A not-too-technical silent picture show


By Rottendam Steinhurler



It’s becoming common knowledge that amongst Hot Rods & Custom Stuff’s steady stream of repeat customers is a pretty fair number of automotive-related shops. To the dyed-in-the-wool hot rodder, this brand new Audi RS4 may not scream “hot rod” at a glance. To the open-minded, however, it could indeed serve as a preview of hot rodding’s future.


This project was farmed in from a neighboring shop for a host of heavy-yet-subtle body modifications. Before the project was returned to the aforementioned neighboring shop (Tag Motorsports) for performance upgrades, HR&CS’ award-winning paint department made it look as though restyling never happened—salvaging as much of the car’s original finish as possible, while matching color and texture on newly grafted skins from another model Audi that—well, I’m not at liberty to divulge.


Now I don’t mean to tease, but this time there won’t be step-by-step instructions. In this particular instance, we’re intendin’ to keep what we’ve pioneered under our hats for at least a while or two longer. Aw, what the heck. Y’all are a clever lot. If “a picture’s worth a thousand words”—well, here’s 103-thousand words’ worth o’ hands-on, arcs-flashin’, sparks-flyin’ pictures.