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New addition to our fab shop!!!

           Just last December our shop invested in a tool that would propel us towards the top! Some of you are probably thinking how can a hypertherm plasma cutter do that?! Well having this amazing Lincoln torch mate classic 4x8 saves us time by not having to go out of house to have parts made or saving our fabrication team from wrestling metals into what we need it to do in order to complete our builds. Now having this in our shop we can make metal signs to add a personal effect to your car or truck which our plasma cutting systems excel. Also, Gears, custom chopper parts, miscellaneous brackets, ornamental iron, are just a few of many products that can be made.


Plasma cutters can cut practically any metal...stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel are the most popular materials used. Our guys in the shop are highly skilled in using the cutter which makes for precisely made parts.


So next time you come to the shop and want a little something made for your truck or car just to add a personal touch, or just need a part made, know we can do that for you.