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LA Roadster Show 2013

Whenever a new hot rod build or hot rod-related product debuts, one particular show stands out on the must-attend list. For the duration of the Fathers’ Day weekend, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff was once again smack-dab somewhere roughly near the middle of Building 4 of Pomona’s Fairplex for the 49th annual LA Roadster Show. With finished projects and new products on display, the HR&CS booths were abuzz.


Tom “Stroker McGurk” Medley was doing sketches and signing autographs as he had the year before, but for this 2013 show, his formerly-fried ‘40 Ford coupe was in finished form with an accumulation of actual miles on its Classic Instruments odometer.


Chick Koszis’ Deuce roadster was also in the HR&CS booths once again. This year, however, it too was displayed in its greatest glory—completed with miles accumulated as well.


On the ‘new products’ front, Blinkie Column and Blinkie Dash model turn signal assemblies were on display and steadily selling. The products’ co-developer, Mike Edwards (left) had made the trek from Tucson to assist Richard (right) with personal Blinkie demonstrations throughout the weekend.


The new Blinkie product line was well-received by show-goers. On-site transactions were made and after-show orders are indeed now comin’ in.


Along with other HR&CS in-stock staples, E-Stopp, “the Push-Button Emergency Brake” has proven to be a steady seller as well.


As we now reflect we must concur that the 2013 LA Roadster Show was the best we can ever recall, and as always, it was a great opportunity to ketchup with friends. Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi. We’ll look forward to seein’ y’all next year for the LA Roadsters’ 50th anniversary show.