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L.A. Roadster Show 2014

A Celebration of a 50th Anniversary


By Rotten Rodney



At the time of this typewriting, the 50th Anniversary L.A. Roadster Show is comin’ to a close. While the Clarks ‘n’ crew are tearin’ it down, loadin’ it up and haulin’ it home to HR&CS, yours truly is soakin’ some tired, sore, smolderin’ feets. Honest, I tried to cover as much as I could, but this year with only one day available, my dogged effort was futile. In the past, even with three days and nights spent at the Fairplex, it’s been impossible to cover it all anyway. This year bein’ the 50th anniversary seemed to make the show the biggest yet—as well as the best, while on the other hand, it was brutally cruel to otherwise happy feets.


So, now that it’s deadline time and my request for input has yielded—you guessed it—no input, let’s plow forth with what we’ve gathered and limp through Part 1. There’ll be some blanks to fill, so if there’s a Part 2, we’ll be countin’ on you.


Can anyone direct me to Building 4?


I said; CAN ANYONE DIRECT ME TO BUILDING 4?!  Apparently we’ve stumbled into one o’ those cackle thingies, so there’ll be no audible directions given—at least ‘til the Tocco, Harper, Garten fuel altered calms down. No hurry. This alone is worth the price of admission.


Just across the way ...




Just across the way, SCTA has one hell-of-a display, and this is only a small sampling. Can anyone direct me to Building 4?


Welcome one ‘n’ all to Building 4. In light of the great honor bestowed upon Chick Koszis by the L.A. Roadsters back in January, it seems rather appropriate that his HR&CS-built Deuce roadster appears at the forefront of this Fathers' Day display.


On-hand for the duration were HR&CS “department heads.” This head is Richard, who heads-up the parts department’s counter sales, as well as pretty much all-things-HR&CS. Anyway, for those who’ve not yet met his acquaintance, he’s that guy.


This particular “department head” is Jeremy, who happens to head-up HR&CS’ fabrication department. Y’all’ve seen his hands in action in print as well as on this ‘site. Anyway, anyway, almost enough about Jeremy.


Mike ‘n’ Dianne Edwards were again on-hand and busy as always with Blinkie demonstrations. This must have been ‘round lunchtime or somethin’, but I swear, they were there.


HR&CS painter, Andy had examples of his custom paint artistry on-hand, only to exemplify what’s available, and folks stepped-up wishin’ to purchase portions of the display. The woodgrain test-panel on the right is right in-synch with …


… the current issue of Rod & Custom, where Andy openly divulges trade secrets. This doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone can do what Andy does, but his technique is right there for those who’ll give it a go—and of course, he’s accessible through HR&CS for those who’d prefer to hire it done.


Out in the swap meet section of the show, Old Car Stuff’s TV James had some space on the tarmac, but since this reporter’s feets was smokin’, I never made it that far. If anybody’s got clear, high-res’ Brownie, Polaroid Swinger, or 124 Instamatic photos that should be included here, Part 2 is up to you.