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Jaunt to Julian in January - 2015


Jim and Jan Sheridan were kind enough to open their home to a bunch of hot rod hooligans in January at their Farmhouse in Julian, CA. A couple of days prior, New Year's Eve to be exact, southern California was blessed with much needed precipitation in the form of snow at elevations above 2,000 feet or so. Since Julian is at about 4,000 feet (depending exactly where you happen to be), they got a pretty good covering of the white stuff that we're so unfamiliar with. As you can see in the first picture of the outdoor serving line, which Jim sent out on the 1st of January. The event was on the 3rd of January, and we didn't need snowshoes to get to the chow.

It was a beautiful, though nippy, drive up the mountain. Lots of other folks were headed up there to enjoy the rare snow as well and could cause some excitement as they pulled off of, or onto the road paying more attention to the scenery than the traffic. Shady areas of the road could be slippery since the sun didn't melt the ice very well.
Had a great time with great friends and great food. Thanks Jim and Jan!!!


-- Chick Koszis



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