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In the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff Service Bay This Week



At Hot Rods & Custom Stuff we don't just build cars from the ground up (though we are world class in that task), we service what we sell, and we service what we didn't build as well. Here are some examples of a typical day here.



A typical day in the Service Bay at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. Richard Hughes and Dave Peterson. Richard and Dave are here to take care of your car's service needs, no matter how big or small, no matter how simple or complex. Here are some examples:




The owner of this 1946 Ford coupe has had this car in indoor storage for ten years. He decided that it was time to get it on the road again. He tried to roll it out of the storage facility and the brakes were frozen. After application of a bunch of muscle, he was able to get it on a flatbed. He had it towed to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff and we recommended a "4-hour Inspection" be performed in addition to the obvious brake inspection and repair. The 4-hour inspection includes a bumper to bumper going over by our experienced specialty car technicians. A report is then provided to the car owner that lists all of the observed deficiencies and recommended repairs. This gives the car owner a clear and concise picture of the car's condition. It covers safety and performance aspects of the car and can save a lot of time and frustration. Look for a more detailed feature on this car here on the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff website. It's got an interesting story to tell.




This 1967 Chevelle Super Sport came in to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff after its owner purchased it and developed a list of things that he felt needed to be corrected before he felt comfortable driving the car. It's got a 427 cubic inch small block engine backed by a four-speed transmission and it'll be a great driver. Some of the items that were corrected included: the heating and air conditioning system wasn't wotking properly; the radiator had a coolant leak; the owner wanted an MP3/iPod interface to the existing stereo installed; the engine ran poorly due to multiple vacuum leaks. All of these items were corrected by the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff Service Technicians, and the car is a sweet driver now - ready to hit the road at a moment's notice.



A really nice example of a "resto-mod" '67 Camaro. Hot Rods & Custom Stuff installed a new LS3 engine and controls in this Camaro over a year ago. The owner brought the car in when the "Check Engine Light" illuminated. Our technicians, using modern diagnostic equipment were able to determine the cause of the code being set and corrected the problem.



The owner of this neat 1955 Chevy Bel Air four-door sedan is about to retire and he plans to make driving this classic a big part of his retirement living. First though, a little bit of preparation was necessary in order to make sure that this 283 V8 powered beauty didn't lose its luster by causing breakdowns on the road. After performing the necessary diagnostics, a bit of carburetor and ignition work was deemed necessary. The Edelbrock carburetor was re-jetted to correct the air/fuel ratio under all driving conditions. A Pertronix ignition module was installed to enhance starting capability and reliability. Also, the alternator was upgraded and the wiring was inspected for integrity and was repaired as necessary. This cute little '55 should make its owner very happy now as he "sees the USA in his Chevrolet."



This 1965 Pontiac GTO is a sweet car that was being restored by the owner. The project got stalled and the car was brought to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff to get it off of dead-center. The first order of business was to get the engine running properly. After getting the engine started, the engine ran poorly. Removing the valve covers revealed a lot of problems with the rebuilt valve train. The owner chose to step up to a new set of Edelbrock aluminum heads and complete valvetrain. The heads were installed, the triple, two-barrel Rochester carburetors were rebuilt here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, and the engine is now running with that sinister GTO Tiger's growl.