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We are helping sponsor one of the better art shows to hit the SoCal area!! You can go to Cruising Grand and see this show that benifits people wanting to better their lives through education at Palomar College. All art work starts at a bid of 100 dollars. The auction should be pretty exciting!! Such artist that will be there will be one of our very own Andy Meeh and other talented people such as Scott Rohlfs, Victor Roman, Jennifer Anichowski, Steve Waldron, Sharif Carter, and many many more.... Plus there will be live music and a Pinup contest as well as awards!! This show does continue till September 3 so you'll have a chance to see all the art work, however the live event is this Friday!! So we hope you come out and have a fabulous time and take home some pieces of art that show this years theme of Sometimes Beauty Never Fades...