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Immortalized: Then and Now is now in the history books!!

Friday evening, August 10th marked the opening of ArtHatch Gallery's Immortalized: Then and Now automotive art exhibit.

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff supported the Gallery by putting a collection of very special cars together to draw attention to the opening of the exhibit. We were asked to design a collection and then enlist the participation of a variety of owners and their cars that embody the exhibit's "then and now" theme. We think that we've done that. ArtHatch Gallery also got committments from local new car dealers, Heller Ford and Mercedes-Benz of Escondido, to bring out some of their best high performance vehicles (representing the "Now" side of the coin) so that we could match them up with some cool "Then" representatives.  How about a new Mercedes SL roadster paired up with Richard Mott's Mercedes-Bent masterpiece? Or how about a "Now" Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck paired up with our own Randy Clark's beautifully restored 1941 Ford half-ton pickup?  Get the idea?

Full photo coverage can be found by clicking on the "Immortalized" poster above.

Also, you can view the works in the exhibit and bid online to own any of them by clicking on the ArtHatch logo below.




Richard Mott's Mercedes-Bent, proudly built by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff


Our own Randy Clark's 1941 Ford Pickup Truck 


Other match-ups included Muscle Cars, 1932 Ford Roadsters, Dare-to-be-Different Cars, Top Fuel Dragsters, Mustangs, 1936 Fords, Willys Gassers, and even some Escondido Police Cruisers. How's that for variety? In all over twenty five of the coolest representatives of these genre's lined Grand Avenue in front of the Gallery.

Additionally, there was a band playing outside, and a reception inside the Gallery. A nominal donation  got you in to rub elbows, share a drink and a snack, and mingle with the artists whose automotive-themed works were on display (and up for auction).