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HR&CS Unveils “BLINKIE” in Del Mar

Here in the deep south of Southern California, we’re fortunate to be able to enjoy our toys year-round. But with springtime comes choices to make, as there’s something goin’ on every weekend. So there’s some pickin’ and choosin’ to do, with a few no-brainers that should never be missed. Consider this a close-to-real-time report, as at the time of this typing, Goodguys 13th Del Mar Nationals is just wrappin’ up. This year, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff was a major presence with a fair amount of tarmac in the Midway—and a special new product line to unveil.  


As a part of our display, Robert Riggio’s ’57 Chevrolet project drew a very constant crowd. This complete build began with the finest-available foundation from Art Morrison. Now featuring the impeccable plumbing and exhaust system artistry of HR&CS fabricator Tom, the yet-to-be-colorized, rolling chassis makes a worthy display for E-Stopp—“The Push-Button Emergency Brake.”


New Hot Rods & Custom Stuff “hoodie” sweatshirt sales were exceptionally strong during the cool morning hours of the show.


One couldn’t help but notice the magnetic effect the HR&CS booths had on cameras.


Mr. DeHaven’s newly-completed ’36 Ford “slantback” may have contributed to create the photographic phenomenon.


On hand for the show were a few of HR&CS’s usual wares, such as Lizard Skin and this illustrative example of our state-of-the-art media blasting service.


This year, however, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff was particularly proud to unveil an exciting new product line—affectionately dubbed, “Blinkie.”


This innovative turn signal solution is the collaborative brainchild of Mike Edwards and Randy Clark. Featuring newfangled ‘lectronic innards, Blinkie effectively combines high-tech function with classic, ‘50s, art-deco design.



For rods with cramped cockpits, a dash-mount version (Blinkie Dash) is also now available, with a column-shift version (Blinkie Shifter—for ’40-up Fords) coming soon.


And here they are, from left-to-right, the fathers-of-invention: Mike Edwards and Randy Clark. The Blinkie display between the two is actually a fully-functional simulator, which endured a steady workout throughout the show. Straight from the gate, Blinkie was enthusiastically received at its Goodguys Del Mar debut. For further information, click into www.hotrodblinkie.com.


So by now y’all get the idea—the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff booths were a happenin’. But just a few footsteps away, a car show was also a happenin’, and many satisfied HR&CS customers were in attendance with their rides. Jim Sartor’s rare ’50 Ford Crestliner was looking right at home amongst the outdoor show cars. As seen in other sections of this ‘site, the previously-restored-elsewhere Crestliner has been in for numerous refinements; beginning with an overhaul of its 8BA flathead, and ending more recently with complete refinishing.


The indoor show took place in the Bing Crosby and O'Brien halls. These buildings were packed full o’ people, so gettin’ a clean shot at Joe Walls’ repaired and refinished ’33 Ford Tudor wasn’t easy.


As y’all may recall from another section of this ‘site; the Tudor originally came to HR&CS for repairs to major collision damage.


But sad stories can have happy endings. Mr. Walls’ story is one good example, as he’s gained a much nicer car this time around.


Once again, it was downright difficult gettin’ a clean shot at this indoor show entry.  


I’ll have y’all know I had to wait a long time for this shot. Now what were we just sayin’ about happy endings? Chick Koszis’ roadster is now driven on a regular basis. In fact, it’s become acquainted with dirt roads as of late. Bet you couldn’t tell.


UPDATE: The 'word' has just come down that Chick's roadster was chosen for the Magnum Axle Real Hot Rod award.


To be continued…