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HR&CS Announces E-Stopp

Whether you’re in the midst of the building process or considering a safety upgrade to supersede your finished ride’s existing emergency/park brake system, we have you covered.

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff is proud to announce that we are a stocking dealer for E-Stopp—“The Push-Button Emergency Brake”—winner of the 2012 NSRA new safety product of the year award!


This revolutionary emergency/park brake system is pushbutton controlled, via a micro-computer, which regulates pull-pressure, but don’t be intimidated by the engineered-in sophistication. E-Stopp is easy to install. E-Stopp’s moisture-proof actuator can be cleverly concealed alongside, or within frame rails, cross-members, K-members, X-members—just about any solid mounting point you can think of. With E-Stopp’s compact control box discretely installed in the passenger compartment of your ride, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind this system brings as a theft deterrent. Locate the pushbutton within reach, but out of sight, and would-be thieves be thwarted.


Down where the sun don’t shine, ‘longside the passenger side frame rail of Rand Nield’s ’48 Cadillac convertible, E-Stopp’s moisture-proof actuator snuggles in tight and out of sight.


Here in a similar, but inboard position on the passenger side frame rail of Robert Riggio’s ’57 Chevrolet 2-door hardtop, E-Stopp’s moisture-proof actuator is cleverly concealed.


E-Stopp is now available through our parts department at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. The kit comes complete with actuator, control box, switch and wire connectors. Polished and/or plated actuators are available, as is a wide variety of cable combinations—all at an affordable Hot Rods & Custom Stuff price.

For a step-by-step, hands-on how-to on the installation and operation of this and other Hot Rods & Custom Stuff staples, stay tuned to this website.