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Hot Rods & Custom Stuff is a Big Hit at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show


Hot Rods & Custom Stuff made a big hit at the 2012 edition of the Grand National Roadster Show. We set up a large display on the main floor of some of the best from our shop. Not only did we have some outstanding cars in our display, we introduced our newest product to hit the streets. We designed and offered some outstanding new t-shirts and they were a big hit with show-goers.  Randy, Sean and Chick were on hand to answer questions for folks who were interested in having work done on their projects. Peaches and Kira made sure that the display tables were stocked with candy and kept t-shirts buyers happy.


Scott and Holly Roberts were on hand all weekend to answer questions and accept accolades on their beautiful 1941 Ford Pickup. The ’41 will be featured in an extensive article in the upcoming Issue Number 54 of The Rodder’s Journal.


Other cars in the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff display included GNRS class winners Ryan O’Toole’s 1965 Chevelle, and Jim Fly’s stunning 1967 Barracuda convertible.  Dave Younger’s awesome black Riviera caught the eye of everyone who walked by. It sits so low with the air bag suspension and the chopped top, that it looked like it would melt into the floor.  Also on display was Chick Koszis’ under-construction ’32 roadster. It was shown in its’ best bare metal finish. It’ll be one “way cool” driver when it’s done.


A highlight of the show on Saturday was to have Tom “Stroker McGurk” Medley on hand in our spot to sign limited edition items to help raise money to resurrect his 1940 Ford coupe which was severely damaged in a fire last fall. Tom is an icon in the hot rod industry and his loss affected many of his fans. People are generously donating money and parts to help in the restoration effort. The coupe was brought to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in November for us to lead the project to completion. You can follow our progress here on the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff website. Just go to the Homepage and look for the red “Strokers Coupe” button. There’s also a place to donate there as well, if you’d like.


Look for further details on how you can purchase our own new Hot Rods & Custom Stuff t-shirts. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures of our presence at the GNRS:


The Grand National Roadster Show is famous for large trophies. OK, so the customized Oscars aren't awarded, name of the winner of the  America's Best Roadster (AMBR) competition goes on the nine-foot tall trophy in the center.

Walking down the aisle and approaching the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff display, you're greeted by some dazzling machinery.  This phot was taken after hours, so there's no crowd. It'll be a lot different during show hours.

The Hot Rods & Custom Stuff booth during show hours.


 Scott Roberts' '41 Ford pickup is eating up the attention that it's getting.


 Randy and Sean answered a lot of questions for interested folks during the show.


 Scott and Holly Roberts stood by their '41 Ford pickup all weekend. The truck will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Rodder's Journal.


 The Hot Rods & Custom Stuff area was a hot bed of activity throughout the show.


 Jim Fly's '67 Barracuda convertible received a First Place trophy in his class.


 Ryan O'Toole's '65 Chevelle, powered by a blown Chevy LS-series engine, also won his class.


 Sean, Scott and Holly are all proud of how well the truck was received.


 Peaches and Daisy Clark played host to George Barris, the King of the Kustomizers.


Sean was available all weekend to answer questions and give good advice.



Hot Rods & Custom Stuff introduced BlinkieTM at the GNRS.  

We introduced Blinkie TM a retro-styled turn signal switch that is loaded with the highest technology components to give reliable turn signal operation to hot rods, customs, and restorations.


Hot Rods & Custom Stuff introduced a new t-shirt with an Andy Meeh Flyin' Iron Designs rendering of our latest Deuce on it.



We also introduced another Flyin' Iron Designs rendered t-shirt with Scott and Holly Roberts' stunning '41 Ford pickup on it.



The 2012 GNRS featured a building full of '32 Fords, celebrating 80 years of the "Deuce".

This is the design that's on the front of the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff t-shirts with the '32 roadster on it. Long live the Deuce!!


Randy scurried all weekend and was caught here setting up the tables to properly show our capabilities.

Randy paid attention to detail, as always, and it showed. We had a fantastic display of cars , merchandise and capabilities.


BlinkieTM stood by all weekend, uncomplaining, and demonstrated his high tech capabilities in an old school package. He's a big hit.

Our display space gave showgoers a chance to stop and catch their breath among some beautiful machinery.


 Ryan O'Toole's class-winning Chevelle.


Dave Younger's astonishing Riviera caught the attention of everyone who walked by. You couldn't walk past it without stopping to look closer. Several wanted to take it home. We offered to build one of their own for them.


Scott Roberts' stunning truck had everyone asking for the paint code. Sorry folks, it's a Hot Rods & Custom Stuff secret.


The trunk of Chick Koszis' '32 served as a stage for the big screen presentations that we displayed for show goers.


Chick's '32 caught a lot of eyes coming down the aisle. It'll be pretty awesome when it's completed in the near future.

The Roberts' truck is powered by a jewel of a flathead engine.

Silver was "in" in the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff display. Jim Fl's Barracuda and Ryan O'Toole's cars showed it off very well.

Silver also goes well with black and the Barracuda complemented Dave Younger's Riviera very nicely.


BlinkieTM and the Beast.


We think that we had an inviting display. The machinery inside was certainly top-notch.


Quite an array of world-class machines on display by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.


Tom Medley, known for his Stroker McGurk cartoons in Hot Rod Magazine was on hand to sign mementoes.

Some of the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff t-shirts and Stroker McGurk "stuff" we had available at the show. These items will be for sale both online or at our shop soon.



 The front side of the Stroker t-shirt has one of Tom's Stroker McGurk caricatures on it.


 The back side has a photo of Tom sitting on the bumper of his beloved '40 Ford coupe.


 Posters of the Tom Fritz art that he created to celebrate Tom Medley's 90th birthday (in 20011) were available for signing and will be available through our website as well.


 Tom had fans lined up for his signing and he treated every one of them like an old friend.



Tom and old friend Jim "Jake" Jacobs, of Pete & Jake's fame. Tom and Jake go back to their days together at Rod & Custom magazine.



 Other old pals that stopped by to visit included Robert & Suzanne Williams. If you know automotive "lowbrow" art, you know Robert.


Randy and Jack Chisenhall, of Vintage Air, help Tom out. As if he needed it!

Randy, Jack and Tom Sewell, another old pal of Tom's, share a laugh with Stroker.


 Randy and Jack Chisenhall couldn't help but have a great time with Tom. He's a hoot!


John Buck, who brought the Grand National Roadster Show to southern California from northern California, stands in front of the trophies to be awarded.

 John Buck turned over the awards presentation duties to Greg Sharp, who knows a thing or two about hot rods and customs, and he ran them through with great efficiency.

 The trophy girls helped make every award winner who went on stage feel special. And, they were!

Scott Roberts stepped on stage to accept his award for his beautiful '41 Ford pickup built at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

 Scott stepped up proudly to take home his "gold".

The following day a group from the Minnesota Street Rod Association paid a visit to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.  The MSRA folks' visit to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff put a capstone on their visit to southern California. They left for home seeing where winners are built!