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Hot Rods & Custom Stuff Appreciates Their Employees and Customers

It was a beautiful night under the stars in Escondido and Randy and Peaches treated employees and customers to a catered BBQ dinner at Cruisin' Grand. Kids, families and cars and food were in abundance, and everyone went away satisfied after a pleasant meal and get-together. Hot Rods & Custom Stuff was the sponsor for the evening and got to pick an award winner and presents awards to the judges' picks. Little Guys Street Rods was one of the featured clubs that night, and they picked Jim Sartor's '50 Ford Crestliner for one of the night's trophies.

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff happened to do an awful lot of work on Jim's Ford and Randy was proud to present the plaque to Jim. Randy, as the night's sponsor, picked Tom Peterson's rare Model A Victoria as another of the night's award winners. Tom's Model A is all home built (including the stunning red paint).

Are the guys talking about cars, girls, or Randy??

Dwayne Richardson's '55 Ford F100 pickup truck looks as fresh today as the day it rolled out of the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff shop in 2002.

Some of the employee and customer's cars were lined up for all to enjoy.

Jim Sartor was awarded a plaque by the Little Guys Street Rods, the feature club for tonite. Randy was pleased to present the award to Jim.

Tom Peterson's home-built Model A is a rare Victoria model and was also reeling in the awards tonight.


Tom's Model A and Jim's '50 Crestliner are under the spotlights in the winner's circle.