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Hot Rod Roundabout 2014

Three buddies – Justin, Rob, and Russell for the last couple of years have hosted one of the most satisfying hot rod events around.  They start off with an invitation list that holds tradition high and an equally high zest for life on the back roads.  Then they stir up a route that represents the best of one of the best driving areas in the west – north San Diego County.  Instead of lawn chairs, participants are treated to 100 miles in the seat of their hot rod.  No trophies, no 50/50 raffles, no People’s Choice – just the pure entertainment of exhaust and tire noise on the pavement, seeing a string of bitchin’ old tin strung out ahead of you or in your mirror, and the camaraderie of a couple dozen other like-minded folks having a great time.  At the end of the rainbow there’s a band and BBQ.   It don’t get no better than this, folks.  See what we’re talkin’ about at: