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Goodguys Fall Del Mar Nationals

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff Was There


By Rotten Rodney

Cellular-Telephotography by HR&CS Staff



Sometimes the posting of happenin’s in the “Upcoming Car Shows and Events” section of the ol’ HR&CS website just ain’t enough. And truth-be-told, it was yours truly who’d neglected to send out a newsletter to say that Goodguys 3rd Fall Del Mar Nationals is on and we’d really like to see y’all there. Yes, I’ll readily admit that it was my own negligence that put a damper on Friday—the kickoff day of the event. Never mind the fact that it was pourin’ rain like canines ‘n’ felines from the sky—it’s my fault. I am accepting full responsibility for Friday’s poor attendance. 


Yes, you could say that Friday was a wash.


But Hot Rods & Custom Stuff was there.


Those who know the owner of this ’41 Ford know that he’s particularly particular regardin’ the upkeep of his interior trim. As yonder observers in the HR&CS booths chuckle, LJ’s carpet is about to take a hit.


By Saturday mornin’, however, things’re lookin’ up.


And so are those in attendance. As dark clouds expose their silver linings, a glimmer of hope conjures a ray of sunshine, which resets the stage for an all-around heavenly day—and as soon as the coffee kicks in, y’all can be sure I’ll come back to fix this caption.


By mid-mornin’, foot-traffic had picked up, and so had sales of HR&CS show-special items as illustrated below in no particular order.











Blinkie co-developer/inventor, Mike Edwards was on-site most o’ the day Saturday to assist with personal demonstrations. Judging by his absence, this photo must represent the tail-end o’ the day. 


By Saturday afternoon, the remaining puddles were steadily shrinking.


This ’41 Ford was in for attention at HR&CS just prior to Friday’s big rainstorm. With interior trim none-the-worse for wetness, LJ and friends were cruizin’ the ‘grounds.


And so was Jerry Wassnaar in his soon-to-be famous ’66 F-100. This lil’ pickup is a recent HR&CS off-frame build. Outwardly, however, Ford’s original finish has been preserved for posterity—for the temporary time-being, that is.


Come Sunday mornin’, Lake Del Mar was near dry, but in noteworthy news; a fair handful o’ HR&CS’ satisfied customers found themselves in the Winners Circle!  


Gary Aden …


… Timeless Traditional.


Willy Green …


… Deuce Doin’s Pick.


Jim Sartor …


… Best Shoe Box …


… and perhaps receiving Best Trophy as well.


Now I’m not for sure which one of us managed to catch this indoor-show-shot of Chick’s HR&CS-built More Bones roadster, but I’m willin’ to bet they had to wait a good long time for it. As always, it drew a steady, steady crowd.


By Sunday afternoon—well, y’all get it by now, right?


During the course of a 3-day show, big rubber booties gain weight as they go. In torrential-for-Del Mar downfalls, plastic bags from the local grocer’s produce section stay watertight and warm. Take that with ya and we’ll see ya here next year.