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By Rotten Rodney



As an analog dog in a digital domain, ol’ Rotten don’t watch much television at home. In fact, since the signal switched to digital, I don’t watch television at home at all, ‘cause I just never bothered to sign-up ‘n’ roll with the change. This stubbornness renders my little rabbit-ear antenna fairly well useless, but I get more shop time and I like to think I get more done since my screen stays fuzzy ‘n’ gray.


Now please allow me to clarify somethin’ here: I ain’t got nothin’ against television, and I ain’t immune to gettin’ suckered-in whenever I’m around a functional television set. This’ll usually happen in my travels. For example; just the other day in my luxurious motel room I happened to catch a few minutes of—oh, what’s the name of that show—you know, the one where those guys restore all kinds o’ different stuff for folks? Yeah, you know the show. Anyway, this particular episode included the search for and restoration of an early-‘30s era gas pump—very much like the one we’ve just completed here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.


When it comes to restoration, the crafty crew at HR&CS is not limited to the automobile itself. As we’ve all witnessed over the last several years, elderly petroleum equipment has become desirable and collectable as objects of art.


To support the snowballing trend, a strengthening aftermarket continues to grow. Yes, reproduction parts are indeed available for most years, makes ‘n’ models.


A plugged-in pump with its globe all aglow makes a lovely addition wherever it’s displayed, from car collectors’ showrooms to single-car man caves and so on. These types o’ treasures are found where we find ‘em, as swap meet scores or derelicts o’ the desert. They’re still out there. No matter how rough, no matter how rusted, HR&CS can help you with yours.