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Diggers 'n Deuces


The first weekend in October brought a juxtaposition of automotive events in Escondido that, by themselves would have been noteworthy.  Combine the two, however, and magic happened! OK, maybe to us gearheads. Escondido’s world renowned summer event, Cruisin’ Grand finishes the cruising season every year with Nitro Night.  Nitro Nite brings 25 nostalgic, front-motored Top Fuel dragsters to downtown Escondid along with various and sundry fuel Altereds, Funny Cars, Gassers and other drag strip terrors. Fans are treated to a show that includes starting each of the diggers, first individually then paired up and pushed for a block to a simulated starting line at the corner of Grand and Broadway.  There, in the dark they put on a visual and acoustic show that’s like nowhere else on the planet. You’ve got to see, hear, and feel it in person to believe it.


The other half of the magical combination was attendance of about 25 ’32 Ford hot rods/street rods (Deuces) that arrived in town early to participate in the following day’s San Diego Deuce Day event.  Deuces were given preferred parking right next to the Diggers’ staging area and their combination of vibes couldn’t have made sweeter music.

Pictures Here