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Deuce Week 2012

Every 5 years, a huge celebration of the "Deuce" is held at "The Pete" in Los Angeles. Formally known as the Robert E. Petersen Automotive Museum, the Pete becomes the Mecca for all followers of things '32. Around 400 Deuces were there and they represented every body style produced by Mr. Ford, and then some!

We wentto Los Angeles to attend the Deuce Week festivities and came back with a load of pictures. Never let it be said that we give don't give you more for your money at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff! Not only do we give you premier coverage of the Deuce Day Show, but we give you a grand tour of the Petersen Museum as well. You can't beat that! 

Go to the pictures by clicking on the Deuce Week flyer below. You can view the pictures in an array, or select a Slideshow presentation.