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Cruisin' Grand Fundraiser Car Show Coverage

Cruisin' Grand has become world famous since its humble beginnings in 2000. To say that it's grown in size, scope and participation would be an understatement. Under the leadership of Steve Waldron, a local Escondido automotive designer, graphic artist, and t-shirt and specialty apparel merchant, Cruisin' Grand has grown to be one of the largest and most respected cruisin' events in the world. The streets of downtown Escondido thunder with the sounds of hot rods, customs, street machines, and even Top Fuel dragsters every Friday evening from April till September.

People of all ages and walks of life crowd the streets of Escondido during Cruisin’ Grand evenings and take in a part of southern California culture that’s centered on neat old cars. Little do they realize though, that this event doesn’t happen spontaneously and not without a lot of work. It also takes a fair amount of money to make happen. Cruisin’ Grand is not funded by the city of Escondido. It gets its working capital from sponsorships and the generosity of local businesses and individuals. This year, Steve wanted to try another method, and this Fundraising Cruise was that method. The word went out and folks were ready to hit Grand and the surrounding streets of downtown Escondido. After some winter weather (if there is such a thing in southern California!) the car guys were ready to get out and strut their stuff!

Our own Randy and Peaches Clark grabbed the Nikon and “Miss Daisy”, and piled into the ’46 Ford Sedan Delivery and “cruised Grand”. They brought home some pictures to share. Take a look and enjoy!!