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Burger Run Report - Jan 15, 2012

In 1988 Joe Free and a couple of buddies celebrated the completion of his '65 Mustang by diving to the Pepper Tree Frosty drive-in for a malt. They decided to do this every year, and 25 years later they've attracted over 600 cars to this little slice of the past in Vista, California. This show has been termed, "the biggest little car show in California" for good reason.


One of the unique features of this show is the trophies. They're all unique, hand-made representations of the award being presented. You won't find any others like them. You'll see them all here.


The other aspect of this show that's appealing is the hometown atmosphere. Here's a small family-owned drive-in from the old days, still doing a thriving business, and once a year it becomes the center of a 600 car show. Attendees come from all over San Diego county as well as a few drivers from LA, Orange and Riverside counties.

Thanks to Joe, Kris, the Country Gents Car Club and all of the car owners who make this event so special.


Watch www.hotrodscustomstuff.com and www.burgerrun.info for news about next year’s Burger Run. See you there next year, and enjoy the pictures of this year's edition by clicking on the photo below.

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