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A Typical Day at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff


An Interesting Day at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff


They say that “variety is the spice of life.” At Hot Rods & Custom Stuff that axiom is true. A day here can see the gamut of hot rods, customs, and a never-ending variety of special interest cars. Today was typical. Here’s a sampling of some of the cars (and trucks) that came into our shop today.


  • 1941 Dodge WC12 Military Truck. Upgraded with new Dodge/Cummins diesel engine with turbocharger.


  • 1953 Chevy BelAir two-door hardtop. A new Chevy LS engine is slated to be installed in this engine bay.


  • 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. A very nice restoration. The window sticker on this car says that the MSRP was $3,897.47. They’re worth a bit more than that today.
    • 1929 Ford Station Wagon. This woodie was designed to haul people from railroad stations to and from hotels and resorts. That’s where the “station” in “station wagon” came from.


    • 1956 Chevy C10 half-ton pickup truck has a bed full of suspension today, whereas a few years ago it was probably hauling bags of cement. We like this iteration better.


    • 1949 Mercury coupe. A classic custom. A lot of folks call these chopped Mercs, “lead sleds” but this big-block Chevy powered beast is anything but.


    • 1978 Pontiac TransAm. A car that spent a good portion of its life east of the Mississippi is going to be carrier of a decent dose of ferrous oxide. Better known as RUST.  This one was typical. The floorboards needed to be replaced with brand new steel. We did it. Now, stay out West, young man!


    • 1934 Ford pickup truck. They didn’t come out of the Ford factory this way.


    Hard to tell what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned!