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A Grand Ol’ Time

Employee & Customer Appreciation Night


By Yours Truly


If you ever have, or wanted to, or even considered slippin’ an extra piece o’ chicken in your pocket for later, you are not alone. The tapered shapes of the breast portions make them quickly-concealable. Barbecue sauce helps them slide right in, and if it wasn’t for the fuzzy stuff that accumulates within most pockets, a lot more folks would do what I do—at least once a year.


Just last week on Friday after work, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff’s Employee & Customer Appreciation Night took place once again during Escondido’s Cruisin’ Grand event. Hosted by Randy and Peaches Clark, with really good eatin’ provided by Jim and Jan Sheridan’s Country Inn Catering, the annual extravaganza was situated as before at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk where a gastronomically good time was had by all invited. With that mouthful said, it’s time for yours truly to lean back against a light post for a food nap. If “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” here’s 38-thousand words’-worth o’ pictures, in no particular order other than their actual order of occurrence—yeah.





Oh wait, y’all mind if I interrupt the picture show now ‘n’ then with an impromptu caption or two? It’s preferred-customer Matt Oemig's birthday and it’s been a while or two since he’s stopped-by to check the progress of his ongoing GTO project. What y’all’re witnessin’ here is an elaborate setup, as Matt is not expecting his ride to be this far along—and he’s certainly not expecting to see it here on display at the party.


A little later on, a particularly loud rumble was heard throughout the town. By the time yours truly had shaken-off the chicken-induced food nap and reloaded my new 124 Instamatic, however, a crucial shot was missed.


Even so, the smile on Matt's face pretty much tells that story.


Now before your regularly scheduled picture show resumes, let’s talk about one more thing—let’s talk about food. Jim and Jan have been cookin’ all day. The hungry sharks are circling, but Jim (apparently half-Vulcan) is ready for the rush.





The latest in PPG coloring books were there on the tables, complete with California-compliant Crayola products for kids of all ages. This youngster colors outside the lines, but that’s a pretty bitchin’ flame job right there.













Wait a minute! Are y’all okay with another interruption? The bitchin’ little Triumph bobster is HR&CS fabricator John’s personal ride. With damn-near infinite personal touches, this bike is pure art. The more you look, the more you’ll see—and appreciate.


Meanwhile, back at the Sheridans’ industrial kitchen on wheels, with over 50-billion served (give or take); things are finally slowin’ down a bit—maybe two bits, actually.


The smoke has finally settled, and upon this well-used cuttin’ board, only a few tri-tip chunks remain, but look—them’s pocket-size. Thank you Jim and Jan!


Okay, okay, here at the dessert table, maybe just one—um, um, okay, okay, one cookie. Invitation only, well, sure, but truth-be-told, all anyone had to do was walk by. It was on.




Down at the other end of the block, near the corner of One Way and No Parking, an awards ceremony is just about to begin.




Awards are about to be presented, in alternation by two of the evening’s sponsors: O’Reilly Auto Parts and Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, and coincidentally, HR&CS preferred-customer Eldon Jennings finds himself and his freshly-finished Chevy 4x4 in the winners’ circle.






Just in from Fotomat, does this require a caption? If it's left up to me, I really don't know what I'd add, 'cept maybe thank y'all for comin', and Randy and Peaches, thank you two, too!