Paint By The Numbers...

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, trunk.

The trunk area was stripped and then sprayed with a special textured epoxy paint that provides a durable, water-proof coating.

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, trunk lid. Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, trunk masked off.

Before painting the trunk lid, the old insulation will be removed. After painting it will be replaced with newer material.

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, masking for paint. Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, in paint booth.

The engine compartment will be re-painted before the rest of the car.

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, door jamb, right side. Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, door jamb, left side.

At this time the door jams and inner panels will be painted as well.

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, door jamb, primed. Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, door, primed.

Yahoo's '61 Oldsmobile, door jamb, painted.


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