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Yahoo car, artists concept.

That's right Boys and Girls we restored a car for Yahoo! When we put this '61 Bubble Top Oldsmobile "Dynamic 88" up for sale, the last thing we expected was a call from a Dot.commer. But that's what happened.

1961 Oldsmobile "Dynamic 88"

Back in '61 when these baby's first hit the road, you could expect to pay between $2,800 and 3,500, depending on options. Except for the tires and wheels, this one is all stock and original.

1961 Oldsmobile, low 3/4 front.

We won't be doing a full frame-off resto on this car. Mostly we're going to clean up the body work, straighten the chrome and stainless, and repaint it. We'll also go over the drive train (which is still strong after all these years), and install a dual exhaust to go with the 394 sitting under the hood. But other than a few rust spots and minor ding or two, not much is wrong with this car.

1961 Oldsmobile, rear.

After we repaint it in the Yahoo specified colors it will be part of their new promotional program.

1961 Oldsmobile, left side. 1961 Oldsmobile, left side.

You have to love the lines on this car.

1961 Oldsmobile, front. 1961 Oldsmobile, rear.

Yahoo will be giving this car away as part of a Labor Day Yahoo! Mobile Customer Ride Sweepstakes. The promotion, which runs from September 2, thru September 30th, can be entered via cell phone (if you are 16 years or older). The promotion is supposed to bring attention to Yahoo products and services like news, sports, e-mail, instant messenger, games, the weather and others available through major wireless carriers, including Verizon.

During this time the car will be on display at the Santa Monica Pier here in California. In addition to the work Hot Rods & Custom Stuff has done, Yahoo will be adding the following goodies: a Kenwood stereo, a DVD navigation system, a seven-inch touch-screen DVD receiver, a Verizon cellular phone (Verizon is the wireless sponsor for this promo), a Sony Playstation with wireless remote consoles, and, last but not least, ,an i-Pod hookup. So don't wait. Run to the Santa Monica Pier and see this car for yourself and enter the contest.


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