1959 V8 Powered Bus Resto

1959 Volkswagon Bus

Considering that it has spent the last several years as a lawn ornament, the bus does not look too bad.

Transmission and axle removed. Old engine removed.

The first order of business was to yank out the old V8, transmission, and "rearend". As engine removals go, this one was a piece of cake because everything was so easy to get at. The "cage" around the motor had to be cut away, but that was no problem.

283 ci chevy small block. 59 VW bus reduction gearbox.

The Old 283 Chevy small-block (left), and the stock VW reduction gearbox / brake assembly (right).

Tempest Torque transaxle Turbo 350 Transmission

Both the Tempest Torque axle and the Turbo 350 were sent out to be rebuilt before being mated to the new powerplant. All the U-joints were repaired or replaced, and the remainder of the suspension components overhauled.

Old VW brake drums New VW brake drums

New rear VW brake drums, pads, cylinders etc., are installed.

Chevy 350 SB crate motor.

One brand new Chevy 350 SB crate motor.

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