right fender bracket. left fender bracket.

Like the rear fenders, the front ones need work, too. First, the front mount brackets need to stiffened up. The reason for that is because we had to notch them to make room for the Kugel IFS upper swing arm joint. We don't want those fenders flapping in the wind everytime we get above 30mph.

right front fender bracket. left front fender bracket.

Silver Dollar roadster with front fenders installed.

California Roadster co., Front Steel Fender roadster with fenders, front view.

Modified reveal line on body. Lower body reveal line finished.

Because we had to make the hood sides from scratch, and the frame was custom built to accommodate the big block motor, the reveal lines of the body had to be altered slightly so everything would match.

Gap between fender and frame rail filled. Fender extended four-inches.

The fenders needed modification as well. They needed to be lengthened to match the frame extension and filled next to the frame.

Running boards are from Sacramento Vintage Ford Parts

The running boards are from Sacramento Vintage Ford Parts and are topped with rubber from Bob Drake.

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