Steering In The Right Direction

Flaming River stainless steel tilt-column

In old days, putting your steering gear could be hit and miss. A matter of grabbing what was available and trying to make it work together in a way that would keep you from getting wrapped around a tree. Today, steering solutions exist for any problem you can think of.

The first step insteering this roadster in the right direction is a Flaming River stainless steel tilt-column.

Wizard Fabrication offset steering gear Flaming River U-Joints and Steering rod.

Another great solution is this Wizard Fabrication offset steering gear which reduces the number of u-joints needed to get around tough problems.

Vintage Air AC Speed Warehouse steering wheel

Paddle shifters are all the rage these days. They make it easy to shift gears without taking your hands off the wheel, which you may not want to do during high-speed cornering (or dodging shopping carts at Wal Mart).

MasterShift paddle shifter

MasterShift offers and aftermarket paddle-shift kit that you can install on your hot rod. It looks like it was made for Speed Warehouse steering wheel.

MasterShift paddle shifter control unit

The control unit for the MasterShift paddle shifter is located under the floor next to the framerail, but can be mounted most anywhere.

MasterShift paddle shifter, top view MasterShift paddle shifter

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