Rear Fenders

Left rear fender installed with wheel mounted. roght rear fender installed, no wheel.

The rear fenders were a bit easier than the fronts. Instead of mounting to the brake backing plates, the rear fenders will clamp to the axle housings.

Right rear fender Right rear fender

Fabricating reinforcement panel for rear fender.

Like the front fenders, we need to make sure they don't start flexing in the wind. Because the rear fenders will mount to the axle housings at a single point, instead of at four separate points spread across the back wall, this is more of a concern with the rear fenders.

Reinforcement panel finished.

An additional plate (above), will be welded to the inside of the fender wall. It has been further strengthened by the raised reveals which will resist any tendency to flex or twist.

Reinforcement panel installed in fender.

Adam cleans up the welds on the fender.Backside of rear fender.

Here you can see the clamp ring that will secure the fender to the axle housing. The clamp will also allow the fender's position to be adjusted if needed.

Rear quarter view of roadster with rear fender. Left rear fender mounted.

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