Custom Ford Fenders.

sheetmetal for fender. Adams shapes fender on English Wheel.

Stock 32 Ford fenders are large and sometimes get in the way of that "hot rod" look, especially if it's a roadster. Roadsters just look more like a roadster should when they have open wheels. The downside is that open wheels tend to pick up an throw whatever they roll over, be it water or rocks. No fenders can be a hassle in the rain or even dangerous if they pick up rocks and debris.

English Wheel Forming buck for fenders.

On this project we are going to split the difference. The traditional fenders are out--to be replaced by custom made motorcycle-type fenders. The first step was to buid a "buck" to form the metal on. The buck radius is made slightly larger (about an inch), larger than the tire/wheel radius. This way the fender will hug the tire and do its job while maintaining an open wheel look. The ribs on the buck are shaped so they are slightly wider than the tire and rounded so the fender lip will contour itself over the sides.

Adam and Tim roll the edges of the fenders. Edge roller - close up.

After working out the proper radius on the fenders, an edge roller is used to ... roll the edges.

Adam checks the shape on the buck. Checking the fender radius on the tire.

Adam checks his work on the buck and after some fine tuning checks it on the tire.

Adding the edges.

Satisfied that the radius and edges are right, Adam adds the lips to the fenders

left fender, inside view right fender, inside view

Up front, the fenders will be attached to the brake backing plate. In the rear they will attach to the axle housing.

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