Parts aren't just parts at Hot Rods!

Richard Sporl Wayne Martin Zach Jackson

Richard Sporl [left] - 26 years experience with General Motors parts and service division. 4-year degree from the University of Automotive Management.

Wayne Martin [center] - 40 years experience racing and restoring custom/classic cars and trucks.

Zach Jackson [right] - Parts delivery and pick-up.

We are authorized dealers for over 80 aftermarket suppliers!

Randy Clark

Our Boss, Randy Clark, (click here to find out more)


Todd Rushing

Todd Rushing (invoicing) - 8 years experince automotive shop management & administration. 10 years U.S. Navy.

Garry Biddenger

Gary (e-Bay / Web sales).

Gary Biddenger [right] - USMC (retired). 20 years exp. building his owm hot rods.

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Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, 2324 Auto Park Way, Escondido, CA., 1-800-HOT-ROD-5.

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff - builds, restores, paints, services and sells parts for classic autos, cars, trucks and street rods.