Sittin' in The Ritz!

Knect dash inserts and Classic Instruments gauges

The interior refinements in this little Deuce look more like those you would have found in a high-end Cadillac of that era. If Ford had made them like this, tycoons like Vanderbuilt might have dismissed their chauffeurs and driven themselves to the office.

The Knect dash inserts hold a set of Classic Instruments gauges. The far left insert holds the tach, while the one on the right holds a clock. Under the dash is a Vintage Air heater/defrost unit. Also under the dash is a custom built package tray so you have a place to store a map or a pair of sunglasses.

Maroon leather over Wise Guys bench seat.

The glazed "Ox Blood" leather covers a Wise Guys bench seat with arm rest.

Arm rest with hidden compartment. Stereo controls.

To keep the clutter on the dash to a minimum, the stereo system controls are hidden in the arm.

A Flaming River polished column

A Flaming River polished column is held up by a Mullins Steering Gear drop and topped by a classic Vintique 2-spoke steering wheel. A Dakota Digital 4-channel remote entry system allows access from the outside, while buttons for the door poppers are located under the corners of the dash when you want to exit.

pinstriping on the columnd drop and dash corners

Interior accents include leather trim in the dash inserts and pinstriping on the columnd drop and dash corners.

storage compartment Crutchfield stereo system

The trunk is as nice as the rest of the car. The drivers side trunk wall opens to make way for a storage compartment (not finished in this photo), while the right side panel holds the Crutchfield stereo system.

Dynamic Auto Sounds, (E-Bay), Infiniti 5 Channel Amplifier battery compartment

The back panel of the trunk opens to reveal the battery compartment, an additional storage space, and the stereo amp (attached to the back of the panel).

Mr. Kalter climbs in to take a look

Mr. Kalter climbs in to take a look and get ready for his first test drive. This is the same Mr. Kalter for whome we built the Chrysler 300.

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