Roush Powered Deuce Roadster.

1932 Ford Roadster with Roush motor and Dearborn Deuce body.

We've built more than a few 32 roadsters since we kicked our doors open for business, but this understated beauty may be the most elegant yet. But don't let appearances fool you. Hiding inside this velvet glove is an iron fist... in the form of a fuel injected, 427 cubic-inch, Roush V8 that pumps out 550 h.p. and 525 ft.lbs of torque at the flywheel.

Hot Rods & Horsepower "Dearborn Deuce" convertible body

Starting with a pair of frame rails recovered from an original '32, we repaired them and incorporated them into a modified Deuce Steel frame configuration (everything except the upswept front rails). To that was added a Hot Rods & Horsepower "Dearborn Deuce" convertible body. Throw in front and rear independent suspensions from Kugel Komponents and some classic rollers from Wheel Vintiques, and you have yourself one sweet ride.

1932 Ford Roadster - qtr. rear view.

A 16-gallon Vintique gas tank helps extend the range between fuel stops, helped along with the 5-speed manual Tremec transmission.

1932 Ford Roadster - qtr. front view.

The neat thing about the Dearborne Deuce roadster is the fold-away convertible top which can be quickly raised to keep out the rain or protect your significant others Perm.

1932 Ford Roadster - convertible top raised.

The deep Maroon paint from PPG and the simple red pinstriping along the upper reveal lines give the roadster a touch of refinement and class. You can let your hair down or throw on the the tux and neither would seem out of place in this car.

Kugel Komponents IFS.

Dearborn Deuce with top raised - side view.

Yes, that is an extra set of pipes peeking out in front of the rear wheels. Hit the cut-outs and hear them roar.

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