Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 9:11 PM
Subject: Aloha Camaro.....on the road (RTE 66)


Hi Randy,
Longtime since I wrote or spoke to you. Hope all is well. When I call I don't like to bother you, knowing how busy you are.
This is just a note to say, THANK YOU! What an awesome time I have been having with the Aloha Camaro. Your staff did an incredible job on it and going down the road all the "thumbs up" I get and the people that come up and ask about or just say "nice car" is amazing.
So far on our trip, Kevin, (my son) and I we have been having a great time, the only problem we have is the car seems to just want to cruise along at 80mph (or faster). We seem to attract attention from other would be speeders and they either follow or I let them get ahead and I just pace them ( I don't use radar detectors).
We were on a nice winding backroad today for about 30 miles, that was fun!
We are in Oklahoma City tonight and head out again tomorrow for some more adventures on Rte. 66. Hope to see everyone Friday, would like to be able to show my son Kevin around your shop and get an oil change, then head down to San Diego to see the vintage Trans Am racing at the Navy base on Saturday.
Again THANK YOU and the ENTIRE staff for such a fun car to drive!
See you soon,

Randy S. Martin

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