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Please call for estimates on stripping & priming your project.

Pro-Strip, is a division of Hot Rods & Custom Stuff (co-located), and specializes in Plastic Media Blasting.

Blasting a Corvette Closeup of plastic media

In order to achieve a truly superior paint job you first have to strip off the old paint. The fastest, safest and least damaging way to remove paint from almost any surface is Plastic Media Blasting. Sand-blasting is too forceful (85 to 100 psi), and can stretch or damage surfaces. Plastic Media Blasting uses lower pressures (20 to 40 psi), and the soft plastic particles are safe for most delicate surfaces. Plastic Media Blasting can be used to remove paint from fiberglass, graphite composite, kevlar, ceramic, and carbon fiber, as well as metal surfaces. Other than wood, there are few restrictions to plastic media, and it is the most environmentally friendly method available.

Plastic media blasting

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Article #2 on Plastic-Media Blasting

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