1954 Nomad / Vette Prototype, a.k.a. the "Waldorf Nomad".

1954 Nomad / Vette Prototype

We love getting e-mails like this from visitors to our website. Without guys like Dave, most of would never get the chance to see this rare find. If Chevy was smart, they'd' put that put right into production. They wouldn't be able to make them fast enough. Read Dave's e-mail below.

"I enjoyed your web page for Mr. Blackmore’s 1956 Nomad restoration. In the article, they mentioned the Corvette Nomad prototype or concept. Attached is a photo of one of those 1954 Corvette Nomad concept cars. It was in attendance for Classic Chevy International’s Winter National event held in Kissimmee, FL. back in 2005. The owner has modernized the car with late model Corvette engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and wheels. He said he could not readily find original parts. Although it was trailered to the event, it is very drivable. He also went on to say that GM produced 5 of these cars for the auto show circuit and that only 3 are known to exist. What a rare find." ~ Dave Roberts, Orlando, FL.

HI Dave, Thanks for sending that picture. That is one very cool looking car. Do we have permission to put it on our website? I’d like to place a link to the full resolution image from the text on the car. I’ll be sure to give you credit. I’d also like to post your e-mail as well. Thanks. ~ Dan, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

"Sure you can post the photo. Not that many folks have the opportunity to see such a car. Until I saw this car at the event, I didn’t know it even existed. Use the photo as you need. It is definitely worth sharing with other car folks. I was a member of Classic Camaros of Central Fla. (CCCF) Car club and Classic Chevy International (CCI). Each year in Feb-March, CCI and Worldwide Camaro hold a Winter National event at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL. I always volunteer to help run the event. During the annual Winter National events, I always take lots of pictures. If opportunity presents itself, I highly recommend you come by and attend the event.

"I have a 1972 Chevy C-10 pick up truck and a 1965 4 door Impala. Both are rusty rolling restorations that are in dire need of makeovers. They both look like some of those 'before' photos of your projects. Instead of giving me credit for the photo, maybe you could just send me the parts you guys throw in the dumpster. Just kidding. I just have to admire the top shelf restorations that come out of your shop.

"You can post my email, but compared to you folks, I’m just small potatoes. I’m just a self taught car feller and I have done a considerable amount of restoration work on my own and friend’s cars and trucks. But I am just a novice or amateur. Don’t know if I would be worthy of the honor of my email address to be placed on your distinguished web site. I’m just glad you can share the photo with other folks. Keep up the good work. Your web site is great." ~ Dave Roberts, Orlando, FL.

Thanks for the permission. We like getting e-mails like yours. Enthusiasts, regardless of means, are what keep this shop open. We like working with “workin’ guys on a budget as much, if not more, as for the guys who can write the big checks. Thanks again for the photo and the kind words. ~ Dan, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

Click here to see Mr. Blackmore's Nomad.

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