Chris Meier's 1955 Ford F-100

1955 Ford F-100, Driver Side

Projects come to us in various stages of completion. Some come to us in boxes like a giant 2000 piece puzzle (with pieces missing), some come to us nearly complete. Back in April of 2002, Chris Meier came across this '55 F-100 rusting in a friend's backyard. It was soon moved to his uncle Jack's house where the two of them dove into the restoration process.

1955 Ford F-100, Driver side, 3/4 rear view

For the next year and a half Chris and Jack spent most of their weekend sanding, cutting and welding. Jack, no slouch with a torch, widened the rear fender and frenched the tail lights (among other things). With the metal restored and customized, they decided to hand the rest of the project over to us. We would finish the bodywork, paint, order the parts needed for the remaining restoration, and put it all together for them.

1955 Ford F-100, driver side, 3/4 front view

These days the truck rides on a new TCI frame, Intro Twisted Matrix wheels (17x8 in front, 18x10's in back), and Nitto NT tires. The drivetrain consists of a '93 Ford Motorsport 302 V-8 with a 620cfm Holley carburetor, a Ford 4-speed AOD by Total Performance, and a Ford 8.8 / 3.73:1 Posi rearend. A Mustang II front, rear 4-link, and a set of coilovers keep the ride smooth.

1955 Ford F-100, front view 1955 Ford F-100, rear view

7-inch Adjure "Ice" lens headlights fit right into that classic F-100 grill.

1955 Ford F-100, frenched tail lights 1955 Ford F-100, Adjure headlight

The frenched tail lights and wide rear fenders are the handi-work of Chris's uncle Jack. Lookin' good!

1955 Ford F-100, bed.

The dark wood stain looks really good against silver/blue paint.

1955 Ford F-100, hood raised.

That striking paint job is the result of PPG's "Honda Havasu Blue" paint.

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