Do It Yourself... Mad Max

The Mad Max "kit"

The Mad Max "kit" arrives in the Butler living room. The cat gives everything a thorough inspection.

Over the years we've had cars brought to us for completion by folks who had less than complete success with a "do-it-yourself" body kit. These kits often require more work, skill, tools and time than the flashy sales literature would leave you to believe, and are usually accompanied by installation instruction written by someone whose first language was an obscure dialect of Chinese. Thinking this might be the case here, we asked Jeff if that was he came to us with his project. According to him the Mad Max "kit", produced by Gordon Hayes (maker of the first Mad Max replica), was exactly as advertised. The kit is not intended to be an "out-of-the-box" bolt-on project.

According to Jeff, "Anyone planning on building an Interceptor replica will need to understand that the body kit parts were never designed with retail sale in mind. It appears that they were intended to be one-off pieces of fiberglass (in the case of the nose) for a concept car, or (in the case of the flares), for the first 'Interceptor' replica built by Gordon Hayes. The nose cone comes out of the mold flimsy and completely unsuited to be used on a street car. Many many hours of skilled labor are required to reinforce and fit these parts to the car and have them look good. Test fitting the parts immediately showed how crude they were... I knew what to expect going into this, and looking back on the project as it nears completion, I can say that there were no surprises with the body kit. It was exactly as represented. The process of building the replica car is likely just as complex as it was to create the original."

Big O tire shop

The first stop is the Big O tire shop to get the new tires and wheels mounted.

After installing the wheels

After installing the wheels, Jeff began installing the body kit. At first the kit was tacked on temporarily to check fit and determine what would need to be done.

Scott Super Slot injector Weiand blower

The next step is the Weiand blower with a "movie-correct" Scott Super Slot injector and fuel pump assembly. Here is where the replica Mad Max Interceptor is going to o do the original one better. In the movie, the blower was just for show and did not actually function--this one will.

Weiand blower, Scott Super Slot injector on manifold. Side-mounted linkage

Initially the car was taken to a shop in Santee to get the Super Charger set up and working.properly. This attempt failed. Problems included the side-mounted linkage could not exert enough leverage on the throttle body to open it fully, and some improperly routed fuel lines that kept it from achieving sufficient fuel pressure. This set-up was scrapped when they took the car to Machine Tech, in Oceanside, CA., where they were finally able to get it set up and running like it should.

Hood after the first cut for the blower. Blower installed.

The photo on the left shows the hood after the first cut for the blower and pully system. Later, a larger top pully would have to be installed and the hood recut to accomdate it (sse below).


Mad Max interceptor side view.

The Zoomie pipes were installed at an exhaust shop in Santee, Ca.

Wider is better!

Jeffs rear wheels have a wider offset than the original Mad Max car because he wanted his to have a more muscular stance.

Mad Max interceptor.

Mad Max interceptor - front.

Before the car was actually running, Jeff had it towed to to the Poway DMV and parked in their lot so it could under go the final visual inspection before being licensed. After going through all that trouble Jeff says that the clerk, after reading the paper work and seeing that it had been waiting three years to get licensed, passed the car without even looking at it. Jeff was relieved because he was sure the lady would faint if she actually went out to the lot and saw it!

Mad Max interceptor.

Almost ready for prime-time!

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