Looking for a Mad Max Falcon

1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan

In spite of the Ford Falcon name, the '73 Australian Ford Falcon is a car you won't find in the United States. In the U.S. the Ford Falcon was produced from 1960 to 1970. Production of the Australian Ford Falcon also began in 1960, but is still being made today, making the Falcon one of the biggest selling names in automotive history. Initially, the Australian Falcon was an American Falcon that was modified for the harsher Aussie environment and changed to right-hand drive, but that started to change in 1964 when the first wholly Aussie designed Falcon hit the market. It still looked very much like the American Falcon, but small changes in body style, suspension and drivetrain were being introduced. These changes accelerated when the second generation Australian Falcons came to market in 1967, and by 1970, the year the American Falcon was retired, its Australian cousin looked nothing like the original.

1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe 1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe

The third generation of Australian Ford Falcon ran from 1972 to 1979 and included the XA, XB and XC models all of which retained the same basic body style you see here In fact, more than one year/model Falcon was used for the movie for the various police cars used. Today, the Falcon is into its 7th generation, a fitting legacy for the first "foreign" car to enter the Australian car market and successfully compete with the Holden.

Australian Ford Falcon History

History of the Mad Max Interceptor

1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe 1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe

The Butler's search for a Falcon that they could turn into a Mad Max replica eventually led them to this little beauty. It's a 1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe with a few GT option (like hood and side scoops), and the 351 Cleveland Motor. After seeing these photos, sent to them by the seller in Australia, the Butlers contacted a trusted broker in Texas who had the vehicle inspected in Australia to confirm that the car was truly as nice as it appeared in these photos. Eventually the deal was made and the car was shipped to the U.S., receiving its first and only body damage (minor damage to left front fender), at the hands of U.S. Customs when they drove it out of the shipping container for inspection. I tru government fashion, they denied responsibility for everything.

351 Cleveland 1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe

The more you look at this car, the more you wish Ford had kept the Falcon model alive and let us American muscle car enthusiasts have a chance to buy and drive it. Good looks, big motor, how could they have gone wrong?

1975 Ford Falcon XB Coupe

And here is what the Falcon looked like after its arrival at the Butler's house.

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