Mad Max - Interceptor Build Project

Mad Max - The Maximum Force of The Future

Lots of people begin their love affair with cars after seeing them on the big screen. There is nothing like a blood-pumping chase scene, or tire-smoking burnout performed on celluloid by a movie hero to imprint a car on your brain. One such movie is the original Mad Max which hit the big screen in 1979. Set in post-apocalyptic Australia, Max roars through the outback in his supercharged "Pursuit Special", running down a gang of thugs that has been terrorizing the roads down under.

As Jeff Butler, puts it, "I fell in love with the car after seeing the movie in the theatre, debated with my friends for years as to what manufacture it was, etc. For me (and I think many others), it is simply the most bad-ass muscle car ever created. Mad Max was just voted by MTV as the 4th biggest movie badass of all time!"

Mad Max Interceptor, a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan.

While the movie propelled Mel Gibson to movie stardom, it also propelled the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coup to automobile "cult" status as the basis for the movies many "pursuit interceptors". Heavily modified and equipped with a blown 351 cleveland the Mad Max Interceptor may be one of the most coppied movie cars around. The Mad Max series of cars have spawned tnumerous car clubs, and the market is such that you can buy kits to modify your own Ford Falcon. In fact, demand for an original right-hand drive '73 Ford Falcon is so high the car has become a real collectors item in its own right, something that it might never have achieved without movie fame.

Mel Gibson checks his six!

So, if you loved the movie, loved the car, and feel the need slip into that Mad Max state of mind in your own "interceptor", all you have to do is find an '73-'75 Australian Ford Falcon, buy a body kit, get a blown 351 Cleveland and schedule a few weekends of quality garage time.

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