Custom Classic Trucks - Kingdom's 48 FordA Kingdom for a Ford


By Bob Carpenter, Custom Classic Trucks.

This '48 Ford was originally owned by a Mobil gas station in Boulder, Colorado. It worked hard for 14 years until Jeff Kingdom's dad purchased it in 1962 when he was 58 years old. The young Kingdom used the truck to haul his band and equipment all the way to New York. Jeff remembers hauling diirt, antique dental cabinets, and more in the truck, always ready for a cleanup with a special broom behind the seat that had the handle cut down.

The truck passed to another sibling for another ten years and eventually spent another ten years sitting in a field. In May 1997, at the age of 58 (the same age at which his father bought the truck), Jeff Kingdom brought the truck out to California. After a small tune-up and a frontend rebuild, Jeff and his wife drove the truck for a while, then decided to let the crew at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff go at it with a vengeance.

Just a little more than a year later, the truck was fully restored (with a few extra creature comforts added) in time for its 50th birthday.

Now the Kingdoms are riding in style. Oh, and the original cut-down broom is tucked neatly behind the seat.

Photo Captions:

* Being able to simply jump in your pickup and drive it anywhere with confidence is a liberating experience. Jeff Kingdom has a beautiful '48 Ford pickup that he can enjoy the way it was intended.

* The ride height is a bit higher than most street-rodded trucks, and there are no billet parts. Wow, isn't that cool?

* The original steel floor was removed and replaced with custom wood and polished stainless steel strips.

* To keep road noise down (something they didn't care about in 1948) and to make the ride more comfortable, the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff staff fully insulated the interior of the cab before finishing if off.

* The original engine was rebuilt and painted matching body color. The truly impressive aspect is detail, detail, detail. Even the inner fender panels were powdercoated.

* Autos International in Escondido, California, handled the interior makeover with tan leather.

* The front suspension is stock, but every piece (including the frame) was powdercoated.

* A '57 Ford truck 9-inch rearend was a direct bolt-in. The final drive ratio is 3.50:1. Oceanside Driveline connected the rearend to the rebuilt stock transmission.

* Original style wheels have trim rings and caps to keep the truck period-perfect.

* The dash was restored to like-new condition, and the steering wheel was brought back to life with loving attention. The original gauges were converted to 12-volt.

* The tailgate had to be restored to original condition. Polished bumpers adorn the front and rear of the truck.

* Kingdom wanted to cruise in comfort, so air conditioning was a must. The crew at HR&CS designed [a] bracket to hold a Sanden 505 air compressor. It looks stock.

* It could be 1948 all over again if you squint your eyes a bit. Jeff Kingdom knew exactly how he wanted his truck to look, and the results are impressive.

Custom Classic Trucks, August, 1999.

1948 Ford F-1, side view. 1948 Ford F-1, engine.

1948 Ford F-1, front view. 1948 Ford F-1, rear view.

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