Introduction To Induction

Goodmark Industries, Induction Cowl Hood

Everyone loves an induction cowl hood. An induction cowl hood implies "muscle lives here!" And if the stock two-inch rise cowl hood does not say it loud enough, you can always get one with a four inch-rise from the good folks at Goodmark Industries, Inc. This one fits 67-69 Camaros.

Firewall Transmission adapter plate.

A McLeod Industries, Inc., T56 VIPER Transmission will supply power to the wheels.

Motor mock-up.

A plastic engine block helps us mock things up and make sure the real thing will fit when we put it in the car.

Serpentine belt assembly, front view. Intake manifold.

Fluidyne radiator.

Fluidyne, Aluminum Racing radiator. Nothing beats an aluminum radiator for shedding heat.

Air cleaner base plate. Air cleaner and cowl seal.

Many of the induction cowl hoods cars sport these days are wanna-be's... posers... look-alikes... muscle-free. A true induction cowl hood seals and becomes part of the air cleaner housing, ducting cool outside air to the carburetor. Air that passes through the radiator and over the engine block before reaching the carburetor picks up a lot of heat along the way.

Colder air is denser, more compact, so more of it can get pulled into the cylinder before the intake valves close. Greater air volume (which means more oxygene) in the cylinder equals more horsepower upon ignition. The common rule of thumb is that every 10 degrees you drop the temperature of the incoming air, you gain 1% in horsepower and torque.

Air filter, cowl seal and hood.

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